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About Columbus Car Detail

Columbus Car Detail isn’t your average ‘car cleaning’ company. We know what it’s like to have a car full of screaming 5 year olds each with their very own lollipop in tow, and we also know what the after effects are of that exact scenario. In fact, the founder of Columbus Car Detail, Kevin is a family man himself and fully understands how easy it is to go from a sparkling clean vehicle to a sticky mess in no time.


Who We Are


Kevin and his crew are located in the Columbus, Ohio area, and have served the region for over 5 years. No matter what they say, experience does make a difference in the final outcome in any service, and when you hire Columbus Car Detail you can be confident that your car will look better than the day you bought it.

The greatest part of the job for Kevin and his crew is the look on his clients face when they see the transformation their vehicle has undergone in his care. His goal is to make each of his customers say “WOW!” And he works hard to provide incredible customer service no matter how challenging a job may be.


Why Choose Columbus Car Detail?


If you want to hire a company that doesn’t judge you for the shape your vehicle is in, or the budget you are constrained to, then choose us. You will be amazed at the level of customer service and car care we offer.  We give 110% on each and every one of our jobs, and we take pride in the work we dish out to clients. You should choose us if you want to give your car a professional makeover/detail, without the ‘professional’ price tag.

Don’t mess around with “fancy” car detail shops! Transform your car from what looks to be the consequences of a raging tornado, to so clean you could eat off of your floor-mats, with Columbus Car Detail. 


We use the most advanced tools and equipment on the market today from extractors, steam cleaners and other handtools that you've never seen to get your vehicle looking great. We also use top grade cleansers, waxes, and chemicals to get the job done.

Contact Us:



(614) 943-3042

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